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The Showstoppers Studio

Showstoppers Studio Classes

Our Studio class are ALWAYS open!

You can enroll at any time during an active session!


All of our instructors have numerous years of training and experience as

coaches, athletes, and performers.

Classes are FUN!

Classes are Entertaining!

Classes are Educational!

All of our class members get numerous opportunities to perform for their community:

Mall Shows


Basketball Games



2019-2020 Classes

Tot Twirl

Ages 3-5

This class is geared towards pre-K and K ages.

Class will focus on body movement and

coordination, learning basic skills,

listening and following directions

and of course HAVING FUN!


Youth Baton Class / Learn to Twirl

For our school age twirlers

Classes will focus on learning proper twirling technique,

incorporating body movement, while working on

memorization skills and

performance confidence!!


Level 2 Twirl Class

This class is for those twirlers who have advanced

out of the Learn to Twirl classes.

Twirlers with prior experience, will need to be

evaluated on their skill knowledge.

This class will continue on learning and growing baton

skills; begin learning and training 2 baton skills and also

learn a group routine for performance



Majorette Training

Junior High and Middle School

& High School

One of the most exciting things about being a twirler

is being able to represent your school on the

football field!

These classes are aimed at twirlers who want to

pursue high school twirling.

Proper training and technique will be emphasized;

learning field tricks, 2 baton and 3 baton skills

will be taught as twirlers begin to excel in class.

Dance Classes

Mom & Me

Basic developmental class for young children,

accompanied by a parent.

Its a FUN way to get your child moving while allowing

the parent to be actively involved in the

learning/teaching process.

Class will involve creative movement, including ballet, tap

and tumbling.


TOT Combo

Fun and energetic class aimed at pre-K and K age


Combination of tap, ballet and basic tumbling skills.

Focus on teaching coordination and creativity.



Focus on building the foundation and developing the

technique needed in all forms of dance.

Class will focus on teaching work ethic, strength,

flexibility, and grace.



Highly active class that focuses on learning/developing

rhythm and timing.

Footwork ranges from basic to challenging in skill level



Classes will focus on building body strength and

control and learning basic tumbling skills



High Energy and movement based class.

Learn rhythm, timing, and movement at a quick tempo

Modern and exciting music and lots of FUN!